Garden Design

Garden Design

Common Sense Gardens offers a full range of services for landscape and garden design including urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, and edible foodscapes for home or work environments.

Garden Coaching

Have you always wanted to design a home garden or sustainable landscape? We can help you get started, through a mentoring and coaching process. Learn more.

Garden-based Education

Learn about Garden-based education which focuses on sustainable garden and landscape designs. Learn about community food systems and local food security.

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The Garden as Art

The Garden as Art

“Art is a stimulator of consciousness. When we bring art into our daily lives, it helps us rise above our mundane existence to experience visions—both our own and those inspired in others. Gardens, too, are works of art. Every garden is a masterpiece, whether it is a...

Cultivating A Sense of Place

Claire Sawyers in "The Authentic Garden," (2007) explores the following five principles that she states "help instill a sense of authenticity." The five principles are: 1. Capture the sense of place; 2, Derive beauty from function; 3. Use humble or indigenous...

Mid-Winter Quote

Each of us with our tiny plots of earth is part of a much larger community. Our soil is a portion of an enormous colony of living organisms that reside with particles of minerals and organic matter to cloak the globe. Growing plants links each of us to gardeners and...

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