Garden Design

Garden Design

Common Sense Gardens offers a full range of services for landscape and garden design including urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, and edible foodscapes for home or work environments.

Garden Coaching

Have you always wanted to design a home garden or sustainable landscape? We can help you get started, through a mentoring and coaching process. Learn more.

Garden-based Education

Learn about Garden-based education which focuses on sustainable garden and landscape designs. Learn about community food systems and local food security.

Garden News…

Dirt by Rah

Dirt by Rah

DIRT. Today, I want to talk about dirt. I love working with dirt. It’s a beautiful medium. It’s alive, it’s malleable, it’s constantly changing in familiar ways, it sticks when you need it and loosens up with a ruffling. I’ve been an artist of an infinite number of...

Fall Musings

“The traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous harvesters is rich in prescriptions for sustainability. They are found in Native science and philosophy, in the lifeways and practices, but most of all in stories, the ones that are told to help restore balance, to...

Winter check-in!

Usually, I blog about a subject or specific plant or project, but this winter I am going to write a check-in. More of a… here’s what I’m up do. Education: I have a wonderful on-going project with Oregon Food Bank that was started this past fall with my PSU capstone...

Summer Fun

Beautiful color for summer blooms! Black eyed Susans, a lovely bright flower for perennial flower beds. Watering is critical during hot weather, mulch helps and drip irrigation systems save water and time.

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