Garden Design

Garden Design

Common Sense Gardens offers a full range of services for landscape and garden design including urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, and edible foodscapes for home or work environments.

Garden Coaching

Have you always wanted to design a home garden or sustainable landscape? We can help you get started, through a mentoring and coaching process. Learn more.

Garden-based Education

Learn about Garden-based education which focuses on sustainable garden and landscape designs. Learn about community food systems and local food security.

Garden News…

Calendula: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Beautiful Calendula: A prolific, cheery, yet humble plant, beloved by herbalists and gardeners alike. The root of the name calendula is the same as the word calendar, perhaps because it is a flower that brings joy almost year round.  In the Pacific Northwest,...

Help the bees stay hydrated this summer!

  (Water is Life.) Our summers keep getting hotter every year and just like us humans, most creatures need to stay hydrated to stay alive.  If you already put out a bowl of water for your pets, birds or other wildlife, its easy to adapt these to accommodate our...

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