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Some newsworthy items to inaugurate my new blog/news site.

Livingscape Garden Nursery has interesting plants, classes and garden supplies and is conveniently located in NE Portland… Check out their Fall newsletter:

Two articles I would recommend reading: Time to plant Fall Garden and Pre-Order Native Plant Sale. 

East Multnomah SWCD Fall Workshops are Open!

Get Inspired: Attend a Fall Workshop!
Looking for low-cost, sustainable gardening tips & resources? Attend a FREE workshop and learn simple steps to creating low-maintenance landscapes that conserve water, prevent pollution and are good for water, wildlife and people.Rain Gardens 101: Learn how to create a sunken garden bed that captures stormwater runoff and also benefits urban streams and wildlife.Naturescaping Basics: Design your landscape to conserve water, decrease stormwater runoff and minimize pollution while saving you time, money and energy!

Site Planning 1: An extension of Naturescaping Basics, this workshop covers how to prepare a site plan utilizing naturescaping techniques.

Site Planning 2: Share your landscape site plan and receive personalized advice from our landscape specialists in this small group feedback session.


Quote for the week: “The Gardener’s Way: A daybook of acts and affirmations by Maureen Gilmer, 2001

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature, 1836

“As the nights cool, trees stop producing chlorophyll and the leaves gradually die out in a blaze of autumn glory.  They are nature in her garments of change, ranging through every color of the sunset. Each color speaks to us in a spiritual language.   The golden leaves are the spirit of divine energy and light. Red is the spiritual color of passion, blood and fire. Brown is spirit of earth, home, and humility.  Orange is strength, healing and adaptability.  What message does your spirit hear when nature parades through this glorious season?”