Gardening Maintenance

Gardening Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Working with eclectic teams of gardeners – tree experts, landscaping specialists, horticulturalists, and permaculturists, each landscape project requires different sets of garden knowledge.  We focus on ecological solutions to solve landscape design and restoration.  Often, the land has been over-watered, chemically treated or neglected.   After a full assessment, a team is formed to address the specific needs of your landscape.

 We often suggest that the owner consider scaling across (or down) by considering sustainable best practices for an ecological approach.  For example, rather than a fully installed irrigation system – consider a rain garden, backyard habitat using native plants that adapt to drought, or a permaculture food forest that accommodates the existing conditions and contours of the landscape.

Gardening Maintenance

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

  • Tree shaping and removal
  • chip, rock and hardscape
  • irrigation and drainage
  • rain gardens and water features
  • Hugelkulture – mound building 
  • Nurse logs
  • Rock gardens
  • Alternative weed controls
  • Sheet mulching
  • Leaf control vs leave the leaves
  • Composting in place
  • And more

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