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North Portland Experience

Project: Linda has a cozy home which is also an Air B&B in North Portland with a southern exposure sloping yard and parking strip that needs renovation and refurbishing! She’d like an inviting nature-scape utilizing many of the existing plants and featuring some sun loving plants, a dry stream bed, and a place to sit and relax on the shady side.

In addition to these basic concepts she wants a natural yet minimalistic looking design (which would fit the style of modern looking house) and a nature-scape to attract bees, birds and butterflies and humans!

Sun: Sedums – stonecrop, camas, rudbeckia, veronica, Indian paint brush, douglas and oregon iris, columbine, catnip, white and orange cosmos, grasses, sedges and rushes – a variety, lewisia, blue-eyed grass, monarda, ceanothus, joe Pye weed, digatalis, yarrow (Coronation gold), echinacea, kniphofia, oregano, salvias, Russian Sage, showy milkweed, Tiger lily

Shade: lupine, ferns, oxalis, wild ginger, snowberry, dogwood…