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NW Tropical Cottage Garden

About this project…

“Denissia has been an amazing guide, champion, and supporter for me and my yard. Her expertise and detailed attention has transformed my whole living space into an inviting environment where I want to put my time and energy. It is so liberating to have a garden that gives joy rather than drudgery.”

The clients for this design wanted a multi-year plan for renovating garden spaces surrounding their bungalow/cottage home. The garden design initially started with the east side edible garden and the backyard. With the help of subcontractor: EcoCraft, the backyard renovation included a decomposed granite patio and French drain installation in the SW and SE corners and to the north, and a decomposed granite path adjacent to lawn. We remediated the lawn area with dense sheet mulching and then installed sod for a green fresh look, then we added a tropical and northwest layered canopy of plantings to support a naturescape design using the features and elements described above. We created a more livable outdoor space with an easy care and natural look.