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Oregon Food Bank Hedgerow

Native Hedgerow Project was a PSU student led capstone project from 2017 – present. The goal was to  Renovate and restore a native hedgerow located on the south side of the Oregon Food Bank Learning Gardens.

What is a native hedgerow? Learn about an exciting gardening practice that has existed for centuries! Learn how to grow a living fence using native plants and edible plants commonly found in the Pacific Northwest.

“Once a common farming practice in Britain, the hedgerow is making a comeback in the U.S. as the classic hedgerow is being adapted for urban and suburban gardens. An exciting and positive direction in modern landscaping, the use of native shrubs and perennials in hedgerows is unsurpassed for increasing diversity and supporting life in the landscape.

Even a privet hedge offers shelter, nesting sites for birds, and some nectar for pollinators – but a hedgerow comprised of native shrubs will be alive with birds and pollinators. Native shrubs are host plants for a wide variety of butterfly and moth (lepidoptera) caterpillars. The caterpillars are a critical food source for birds when they are raising their young.”

“Hedgerows provide ecosystem services…”

While hedgerows still can provide a good barrier, the great thing about them for native plant lovers is the diversity they provide. Pollinators, predatory insects, and lots of animals and plants can find refuge there. There are fringe benefits like clean air and water, pest control, fertile soil, and pollination when we offer wildlife a good home.

The Oregon Food Bank’s native hedgerow provides a space for a living hedge that feeds wildlife, pollinators and humans. Recently planted in the past few years, the hedge needs renovation and recently the project received funds to purchase new plants, soil amendments to create a living hedge replete with species name tags, soil remediation and weed control practices, educational handouts and other needs.

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