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Tari Gunstone


With a focus on useful plants for holistic, sustainable gardens including medicinal, edible, native, low-maintenance, water-wise, and wildlife friendly plants, I aim to create accessible and beautiful gardens to empower my clients to live in deeper connection to the land. 

While gardens can be a sanctuary and a source of great personal joy, they are not just for us! Gardening with purpose allows us to provide a slice of restorative habitat for birds, pollinators, insects, and critters — a form of earth activism, if you will. How can gardens be a source of health and well-being to our mind, body and spirit, our communities, and our ecosystems?

I come to the garden table with a background in environmental science, botany, and herbalism, and years of experience working in plant nurseries, vegetable farms, and herb gardens.

I offer garden design, consultation + coaching, and maintenance. I also install gardens through the permaculture focused, female owned business, Common Sense Gardens.