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The Spring equinox is today, March 20, 2021. Known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and as the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun distributes light equally to both hemispheres. This brings the same amount of daylight to the northern and the southern hemispheres according to the website. This fun website is full of scientific facts for all ages. Here in the Pacific Northwest it generally is cloudy and rains a lot on the first day of spring, today was no exception!

Groundcover Dogwood or Bunchberry

It has been one year since I checked in to share what we are doing at Common Sense Gardens (CSG). What a memorable and challenging year it has been. When we initially went into lockdown (due to the pandemic), I thought, “this is it for CSG,” but that is not exactly how it played out. After a few months of stalling my consultations, the inquiries started to increase, and we began to slowly emerge from indoors to out-of-doors.

There were several interruptions along the way, including protests, fires, smoke, the presidential election, pandemic protocols to adapt to — and it didn’t ease up until recently. We preserved. I think we learned that we had to adapt to the social, biological and political turmoil of the times. The skies were silent, the streets were noisy with protest, and some of us had to take precautions to sidestep a deadly virus, as well as a deadly police force.

This Spring we are seeking equilibrium in the garden, in our communities and on a global level as well. We are parting the leaf mulch in order to plant new seeds, plants and trees. We have many new friends and partnerships. With new friends, old friends returning we are ready to greet 2021 growing season with the creative flair and passion that we approach all of our design projects with.

Now is the time to plant radishes, potatoes, garlic and onions, greens and cliantro. I always recommend that clients refer to the Maritime NW Garden guide by Seattle Tilth Alliance. It guides you month by month! Other books to enjoy and guide you – The year in bloom: Gardening for all seasons in the Pacific Northwest by Ann Lovejoy. All the local nurseries are full of seasonal plants to add to your garden and landscapes. Fruit trees, berries, evergreen and deciduous trees are beginning to fill the garden aisles.

We’re planning to update the “Tour of Gardens” on our website this month, and start back in with more frequent blogging and guest bloggers too! We collaborate with many talented designers, plant folks. landscapers, contractors, gardeners and budding artists. It’s a fun landscape to work and create in. We will also feature our new designers, gardeners, books, plants and, of course, more permaculture and backyard habitat concepts.

I am back in the website blogging realm! Thanks for reading this,

Happy gardening, Denissia