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I found that these quotes over the past six months brought me great joy and soothed my winter doldrums.

Plants are social, they always put themselves in clusters and groups, never in straight rows.” Ann Lovejoy

Lovejoy’s Organic Design Gardening book is full of wise, sound advice for building a naturalistic garden design. She organized her book through the 5 senses of the garden: Welcome, enclosure, entry, flow and place. Fun read.

Below is a photo from summer 2019 at the Oregon Food Bank’s PSU student project. We planted and maintained dozens of Willamette Valley plants along the southern edge of the Learning Garden. At first glance, a hedgerow seems like a straight row, but in a naturalistic design, many groupings of plants can form a beautiful hedge that serves as a refuge for wildlife and adds to a sense of enclosure. We feel comforted and safe in garden spaces that hold the space together!

“Design is about space and the way we move through it.” Ann Lovejoy.

Enjoy the brilliant colors of spring, 2021. We are are busy these days. Denissia

Oregon Food Bank Native Hedgerow
Native Hedgerow plants – OFB