About Common Sense Gardens

About Common Sense Gardens

Common Sense Gardens is about Place-based solutions:
Building community one garden at a time

Common Sense Garden designs are inspired by whole system design principles that focus on the relationship between people, places, and plants…. We use permaculture assessments and client feedback to help you create garden spaces that make sense for your lifestyle at your home or workspace. The design process includes client education, place-based design (using native, ornamental and mixed plant guilds) and site-specific remedies that result in a unique landscaping experience.

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About Denissia Withers

As a garden designer, garden coach and educator, my focus is on sustainability in education, landscapes (both ornamental and edible), and community food systems. In each of these roles, I bring the knowledge and skills gained over many years of practical and academic experience.  In addition, I bring an understanding of the need for diversity in our environment and in our communities. I am motivated by the ethical and social responsibility for creating livable and environmentally safe places to reside, learn and play in.

Since, 1979 I have practiced organic gardening and horticultural practices.  Living on 5 acres in the high desert of Oregon had a big influence on wise use of water, soil and resources.  One big influence was the sun. We had lots of sun, cold temperatures and although not much rainfall – we tapped amazing volumes of water underground.  At that time, we accessed grant money to build a passive solar greenhouse and animal barn.  It was a successful project and extended our growing season from 90 days to 240 day growing season!  We had tomatoes until early October – in Central Oregon this was a very big deal. 

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Denissia Withers